Allocating Meal Tickets
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Allocating Meal Tickets

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Article summary

 Restricting Meals and Allocation via Form Accreditation

The catering section is setup primarily for self management and in a similar fashion to how Accreditation works withing Festival Pro. These sections should be already setup on your Contractor and Artist Advance. 

But should you need to set this up yourself on your own forms you should have a number field in the catering section of your profile fields called Meal Tickets. This field is then used to allocate contacts a certain number of checkboxes they can select when filling in their accreditation. 

You should ensure the accreditation field on the form where they give staff/crew names is grouped with a profile link field called Meal Tickets

Once this has been setup, if someone has been given meal tokens in their profile then the number of boxes that can be checked will be limited. You can see this total below the last accreditation section.

If they choose too many boxes then a warning message will pop up and no more will be able to be selected. 

Please follow this updated video for a full closer look at this setup step by step.

Manually allocating meals

     If you are manually allocating meals it is most important to set them to the subcontacts for any company that have them rather than allocate at the parent level. For example if you have a band called 201 Dance Company you would scroll to the bottom of that list and allocate using the monitor icon to the individual band members who have been form accredited. Individual volunteers or crew members can have them done on the usual profile field popup panel.

See Scanning Meal Tickets for more detail on how redemption of these meal tickets works.