Config Login and Settings
  • 15 Dec 2022
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Config Login and Settings

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Configuration User Account

When you signed up your festival pro account you will have been sent a login for 'config', logging into this account will give you access to the nuts and bolts of your system and allow for some detailed customizations. You will note the menu is laid out differently and gives you some different menu choices

 We are going to focus on the last four columns in this category as they are the most useful and the sections only accessible via this login. The other sections give another route to get to your email templates, production to do list, forms dashboard, ticketing form settings, volunteer profile fields and file uploads. 

You will also use this login to create new forms and copy/clone old ones.


In here you can edit form templates to fully customise the layout of your designs by editing the CSS directly.

Profile Fields

This is where you can edit and create new profile fields within the system. If for example you wanted to store 'Guitar Amp Size' against an artist's profile, you could create that new field under artists in this section, and it would then appear in the artists section when assigning or synching data into it. This would then also become a searchable, exportable field like any other in the platform.


This is where you edit your system users, you can set up new accounts and change people's access level type. You can also log in as that user and resend / change passwords here.


This is the menu you will use to alter various settings and get access to things such as imports.

 Settings - Please see this article for more details, but behind this button lives a lot of under the hood settings, such as tinkering with your calendar dates and production task manager alert settings.  

Connect Stripe - If you need to connect or reconnect your stripe account to take payments, click this button to start the process.

Update Logo / Background - Use this to change the images at the top and in the background of your forms.

Download CSV Template - This will download a CSV file which contains all your system profile fields, if you need to reference them. You can find more example CSVs here

Import CSV -  Import data to your system using a CSV file. You can read more about this process here

Syncronise Data - On a rare occasion if your search database ever goes out of sync with the cache, this button will run a check to ensure all changes are up-to-date. 

Previous CSV Imports - View information about your previous imports

Profile Settings - Set up an email signature 

Edit Festival Address - Update the address of your event, can also be done using mail merge correspondence in settings

Change Password - Change your account password, this can also be done under Users.

Sync Data In Fields - On a rare occasion, you may get a visual glitch whereby the name of a venue or a date displays as a long number when adding columns to a search result. This button resolves this. 

Reset System - This allows you to reset your system in various ways such as removing contacts, clearing form registrations and inputting new dates. More details on this here

Multi Events - If you are a premium customer running multiple events under one system, this is where those event details can be managed and new events when purchased added on and created.