Contractors and Crew Default Workflow
  • 16 Dec 2022
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Contractors and Crew Default Workflow

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Article summary

We know that every event is different and will have its own unique quirks and workflows, these default workflows are the recommended way to work within Festival Pro, but by no means the only way.  However we have set up the workflows based upon what the majority of events using our platform require.

Festival Pro defines Contractors as companies who would have staff, such as waste services and crew as individual staff members.

Contractors and Crew

1. Add contractors / crew in your system via either an application form, a csv import, or adding them manually

2. If required, send contractors a request form to determine what they may require from you.

2. Give your contractors their required Accreditation, Run Sheet Production Tasks, Input Budgets / Fees in the Contractors panel etc.. 

3. Check and setup your contractor Advance Sheet

4. Send Advance Sheet to crew and collect information, documentation and allow them to assign crew meals if applicable

5. Send Contractors their live schedule of run sheet tasks

6. Scan contractors in on the gate