Form Field Types
  • 17 Aug 2022
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Form Field Types

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Form Fields 
are fields that you will insert into a form for the recipient to fill in. These could be asking any question you may need to know the answer for. The information inputted into a form field, is saved in the form registration. If the field is sync'd then the data will be replicated in a specified profile field.

Primary contact fields  - Whoever fills in this form, will become a Primary Contact. You can collect their information using Primary Contact Fields. Note you should only use one of these per form. If you need to collect more details other other people they should be done using collect contacts and will become Sub-Contacts of this primary contact. 

Counter - This will allow a number to be selected via a counter. You can set the min-max Range.

Text - This is a simple, small one line text box for entry of any keyboard characters

Number - This will only allow a numeric entry to be inserted

Large text - This will create a paragraph box for larger entry of any keyboard characters. You can set the size of this box under it's field options.

Single option - This will create a dropdown whereby the user can select one singular option from the list. You can create the options either in the box that appears or on the next page which also lets you set costs against these options.

Multiple option - This will create a dropdown whereby the user can select multiple options from a dropdown list (by holding control and click on windows or command click on mac)  Options are added the same as single select.

Yes/No - This creates a simple Yes or No slider for the user to select. 

URL - This will only allow valid website addresses to be entered.

Fixed cost - You may use this field to specify a cost that does not change, for example everyone filling in the form will be charged $10 for an option. Set the cost under Cost Options.

Radio buttons - A radio button will only allow the user to choose one of a variety of options. You can set these options by adding them into the options box or adding them on the next screen. 

Checkbox   - A checkbox will enable your user to select multiple items from an options list. For example, pizza toppings. You set the options the same as single select/ multi select and radio buttons. 

File upload - You can use this field to allow your user to upload any file to your system. These are stored in the form privately.  You can set a Max File Size (useful to stop people using all your storage space) in field options.

Public file upload - This works the same as File Upload, however public files will be able to be linked to by yourselves to be downloaded or used by people outside your festival pro system. 

Date of birth - Create a calendar popup for someone to input their Date Of Birth. 

Date - Create a calendar popup for someone to input a certain date.

Date time
- Create a calendar popup for someone to input a set Date AND Time

Start/end date - Create a calendar popup for someone to input a Date with a Start Time AND and End Time

Description - This is a field that can be used to insert headings into your form. The description field brings up a wysiwyg editor to input your heading.  You can use the Page Layout Options given on this field to show Hide away items under this descriptions until clicked upon. 

Signature - Creates a signature strip for people to digitally sign 

Hidden - Wish to simply hide a field that you have on the form? Change it's field type to Hidden. When editing a form this will show with a strike line through it. You users will not see this field. 

Fixed value - This will assign a fixed value to the field. Think of it as a text box that can't be edited or changed. You can set this value under Default Value. 

Collect contacts - This is a field used to collect Sub-Contacts of the Primary Contact. For example you may have a band and use these fields to collect the band member names. The band members would become sub-contacts of the organisation / primary contact filling in the form.