Get To Know - Festival Pro. Introduction
  • 27 Jul 2023
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Get To Know - Festival Pro. Introduction

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In this series of lessons we will setup some simple processes for "Bites & Vines", this charming and intimate food and wine festival is designed to delight the senses and celebrate culinary excellence. Set in a picturesque park, this small-scale festival offers a perfect blend of delectable food, exquisite wines, and captivating live entertainment.  

During these lessons you will setup and learn the basics in the following areas of Festival Pro. These lessons and accompanying questions are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the platform. Bites & Vines Festival require us to setup the following.

Main Stage : The festival will have one main stage where talented musicians and performers will entertain the crowd throughout the day. Bands and a DJ Takeover will perform and they need to know their schedule

Vendors: Local food artisans, gourmet restaurants, and boutique wineries will line up as vendors, offering an array of mouthwatering dishes and exquisite wines for visitors to indulge in. The festival have details for these vendors but need to segment them and send the contract.

Volunteers: Bites & Vines relies on a great network of volunteers and helpful staff. They require an application form and to review and approve applicants, create shifts, rota on the staff and send their schedules

Contractors: A dedicated team of professional contractors will be on-site to handle various aspects, including stage setup, security, waste management, and event logistics. They need issuing passes, the default forms need adjusting as they are not using meal tokens and production tasks need assigning.

Ticketing & Accreditation: Attendees, vendors, and performers will undergo a seamless accreditation process, allowing easy access to the festival grounds. The festival needs to implement an efficient online ticketing system, allowing guests to purchase tickets in advance and to search for purchasers on the day who forget their ticket


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