Multi Event
  • 13 Apr 2023
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Multi Event

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Article summary

Multievent and how it works.

Multi event feature comes with the premium purchase of Festival Pro. It allows you to pivot your entire system and run multiple events within one system. If you are interested in upgrading to use this, you can ask us for a quote. 

Once you subscribe to a multisystem package you will be able to setup to your multiple events. Log onto your config profile and hover over the configuration tab, at the bottom you will see the option Multi events.

On this screen you will be able to add new events, as you can see in the popup below

Here we can see on the right side of the screen the 2 systems I have created (Jackfest and ScissetFest) using this dropdown I can switch between my 2 events. When using any of the tabs like artists--> confirmed or look at the calendars for each event it will pivot between the two as you change the event on the right.

In the below image you can see the "update event" pop-up. In here you can set information for each event. 

The event name can be changed in event name.

You can also upload different logos and background images per event.

You can set your automated calendar dates here. (You can edit in more detail inside configuration settings)

Then under the mail merge option you can set information which may pull through into some of your forms and other sections of the system.

The FORMID options at the bottom for example, VOLUNTEERFORMID is where you would set the view all applicants button to take you depending on which form you are currently using, you can find out your form id by going to the form and clicking settings. The from id will be 4 digits that are follow by EVENTID. Example = (EVENTID=5058)