Pro Subscriber Contracting Module
  • 12 Jan 2023
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Pro Subscriber Contracting Module

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Article summary

If you are on our Pro package you will have access to an additional module that allows for some more detailed contracting to be done. Many events will use forms as contracts, inserting what they require in the top page text and adding a signature field to the bottom of the fields section. However the Pro module allows you to create these contracts as email templates.

You can access this module by going to Files -> Contracts and then View All Contracts (or add if creating a new one)

Creating Contracts

When creating a new contract you will be presented with a split screen 

The top half is where you will write the email which will be sent to the recipient with a link to sign your contract. The link will be specified by using <?LINK?>

The bottom half is the actual content of your contract, which you can create using the wysiwyg editor and mail merge in any profile fields you may require. You can also here set if you simply need a returned signature, or if you require this contract to have counter signing. And who will be able to see the contract.

 Sending Contracts

To send a contract you simply click the email address of a contact, or use the bulk email function and you will 

see your created contracts in the list of email templates. Select this template and then hit send.

Viewing and filtering contracts

By going to files -> contracts -> view all contracts you will be able to see all the contracts you have sent out. You are able to use the dropdown boxes to filter your results by contract and contract status. 

Under the status column you have different options depending upon the status of the contract. 

If it's been signed you can view this returned contract and view in PDF format, it will tell you the date it was signed and marked with a green dot.

If the contract has been sent, but not yet signed, you have the option to view the contract, or Rescind it if needed. You also will have the button to Resend the email

Rescinded contracts will show with a strikethrough and you will only be able to view the old contract.

Counter Signing

If you have set your contract to need counter signing, then your recipient will see a message after signing their side saying 'Waiting For Counter Signature From YourFestival'.  On the list of contracts a new button will have appeared next to these contracts You can then counter sign the contract which will notify the recipient. You can also filter for those waiting on a counter signature in contract status.