Resending Tickets
  • 26 Apr 2024
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Resending Tickets

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Resending Tickets 

There are a few ways you can resend tickets in Festival Pro and also a method to allow your contacts to resend their own tickets if using the accreditation features. 

#1 Resending ALL Tickets

To resend all tickets to people who have come through a certain form, you should first ensure that the forms On Completion section is set to send the tickets to either the main booker or individuals or both. Then you should navigate to the full registrations list of the form upon which the tickets were generated. 

At the bottom of the registrations list you will fin the Resend Confirmation Email button 

This will send everybody in the registrations list the confirmation email with their tickets attached.

#2 Resending tickets to an individual

To resend tickets to an individual can be done by either finding their registration in the forms registrations list or via the accreditation search. To resend via the list navigate to their registration and click on view 

Here you will see their form entry details which will include the ticket codes either next to a counter if standard tickets, or names if accredited. At the bottom of the page you will see an option to Resend the ticket. 

To achieve the same via the accreditation search, goto Dashboard > Accreditation

In here you can search for either an organisation (company, artist name etc) or a contact (individual, band member) and it will bring up a list of name and any tickets associated with it. Eg a search for Robin will bring up Robin Hood here and allow us to view, resend or indeed scan manually his ticket. Or a search for his band 201 Dance Company will bring up the whole bands details with the same options. 

#3 Let them resend their own tickets

If you would like to give the option for artists, contractor or guests. In fact any tickets that have been setup via the accreditation process you can do this by adding the mail merge <?FUNCTION FORMCONTACTS?> to your top page text section. This will allow the user to revisit their autologin form (such as an artist or contractor advance) and resend tickets to people who they have previously submitted. 

When revisiting the form there will be a box which looks like the one below allowing them to resend the ticket to that individual. After clicking resend will change to Send. It will also let you know if the ticket that has been issues has already been scanned and used up. 

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