Using The Shows Calendar
  • 15 Nov 2022
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Using The Shows Calendar

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Article summary

How to use the shows calendar

To create a show you can go to the view shows list or add directly via the shows calendar (Artists ---> Shows ---> Calendar) 

From this screen you can either add directly to the week view, or click on the name of a day to enter the day view and get a clearer visual of your stages. Next we can create a show by pressing the + Button next to the corresponding time you would like the show to be. 

This presents you with the show creation popup. We can set the shows length here using the slider for duration, the shows name here can be typed out, for example "Opening Ceremony".  

The stage can be selected from the drop down option. (To create a stage check our article on Add new Stage/Venue.

The type of show, and any internal or external information regarding the show can be added and finally a tech spec to help your stage teams know any additional information that may be required.

These fields can be added to and changed using the config login under Profile Fields -> Shows Group.

Also keep in mind, you can also create shows on this calendar using the option View/Edit shows under the artists tab. Which will look a little something like this.

To add an artist to your now created show, you must hover over the gear icon and then click the Photo with the + Button. 

From here you can press "Add more" Then using the search or extra search fields you can add individuals to a show.

Also keep in mind, any contact in the system can be added to a show, not just artists.

If you try to add an artist to a show at the same time (or within your conflict period, can be set in config) as another show they are on, it will show you a conflict. 

Importing shows

To import a show we first need to make a CSV document on excel or any other software you can create a .csv file.

Next, log into config and hover over the tab "Configuration" From here you can see the option "Import CSV" Select the file you have created and continue

There are 3 images below which you will need to refer to when reading.

In image 2 we can see the festival pro system and fields we can link from our .csv (image 1) into the festival pro system.

Show ID is a must have field when importing shows, check your calender and see what your most recent show ID is. If it is 30 like in my example, we can begin the csv with 31 and continuing for each show.

You can also change existing shows by using the show id but keep in mind, any fields you do not import will not be changed and will remain as they are in the system already.

In image 3 you can see it has taken the columns from the .csv in image 1 and is asking you to link them to the correct places within the system. When we import shows we use Tables and then match the columns accordingly. 

Please note when importing shows that the Show Stage/Venue, must already be created in the system to link properly. Also it is caps sensitive, meaning if your stage is called "Main Stage"

and you import "Main stage" it will not link. 

1. - Our CSV

2. - Current Show/Panel Fields

3.- How to link csv and fields on import